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The iStudy LMS™ is an internet based interactive teaching and learning suite.

InterVisual Technology, Inc. offers the most robust LMS available on the Internet.  The iStudy LMS™ will enable schools to Manage, Connect and Publish in a 21st Century classroom, in real-time or on demand, using a unique combination of multimedia and communication tools. The iStudy LMS™ delivers an application designed by an educator for the new “digital" age of content development and teaching.  The iStudy LMS™ aligns with state and national standards and challenges educators faced with trying to deliver a quality education via an on-line interactive learning environment. 

InterVisual Technology, Inc's offerings include a leading edge Learning Management System, Course Management System, and Courseware Delivery Engine.  InterVisual Technology, Inc. has proven its technology and service capability through the successful implementation of its programs by customers. 




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iStudy eLearning Suite

IVT provides a powerful and easy-to-use eLearning platform for secondary education.  In the last six years, IVT has developed the iStudy LMS, iStudy Live, and iStudy Web suite of eLearning products.  The core of the Academic suite is the iStudy LMS, the course management system for the virtual classroom and online educational student support services.


Future of Online Education

By 2006, 3.5 million students were participating in on-line learning at institutions of higher education in the United States. According to the Sloan Foundation reports there has been an increase of around 12–14 percent per year on average in enrollments for fully online learning over the five years 2004–2009 in the US post-secondary system....


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